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Frankfort, Italy
The Central New York Section

Central New York's pinnacle of Italian American culture can be found directly in Frankfort.
And when you factor in it's neighbor, Utica, you've got a combination that can't be beat.

Central New York is ripe with culture and tradition, yet still is on the cutting edge of modern society!

Take a look at some of the local landmarks!!!

  Main Street
  The Village Office
  Post Office
  Town Hall
  The St. Francis Club
  The Friendly Bake Shop
  Stewart's Shops
  The Knight Spot
  VJa's Lounge
  Sully's Pizzeria
  Nice And Easy
  Grimaldi's located in Utica

Take a look at the FPD in action.

We owe a great deal of thanks to these brave heroes!

A great site on the history of Frankfort.

A independent film and old fashioned radio drama that takes a comedic look at our great area.
It was done by some of our own residents.